finding information inside of nested arrays

I have an array that stores the values: var array = [['favorite color'],['black','red']] to get `black` I would: document.write(array[0][1][0]); then if i append to the array another question `[['favorite thing']['box','ball']]` If I wanted ball I would: document.write.array[1][1][1]; I am having trouble understanding arrays. I want an array with one question and multiple answers then I want to loop through them and display everything. I can do the loop but I am unsure how to find things in nested arrays once I create them.
"to get black I would: ... array[0][1][0]. No, that would result in an error. This would imply a structure such as [[...,['black',...]], ...]. You would get black with array[1][0] because array has to two elements, both arrays, and you want to get the first element (0) of the second array (1).

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