Hide frame instead of close when user click on close button of the window

I have an application which shows a window. Instead of closing window when user presses on "Close" button I want just to hide this window, how can I do this? Here is my code (it does not work, the app is closed on click): object UxMonitor { def main(args: Array[String]) { val frame = new MainScreen() frame.peer.setDefaultCloseOperation(WindowConstants.HIDE_ON_CLOSE) initTrayIcon(frame.peer) } .... class MainScreen extends MainFrame { private val HEADERS = Array[Object]("Security", "Last Price", "Amount", "Cost") private val quotes = new Quotes() private val tableModel = new DefaultTableModel() title = "UX Monitor" tableModel.setColumnIdentifiers(HEADERS) private val table = new Table { model = tableModel } contents = new ScrollPane { contents = table } quotes.setListener(onQuotesUpdated) quotes.startUpdating peer.addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter{ def windowClosing(e : WindowEvent){ self.setVisible(false) } }) pack
Try setting your default close operation to do_nothing_on_close but set it in your MainScreen class and leave your window listener as is.

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