NetBeans doesn't recognize ${project.organization} in license template

Can anybody reproduce the following? In my NetBeans 7.2 project I've set the "project.license" property (in to "apache20" so that NetBeans generates the appropriate license text in every new .java file. The license text (wich is located in "license-apache20.txt") contains the following FreeMarker reference: ${project.organization!user} When "project.organization" is not set it displays my user name as expected. Also, when I set a custom user name in the file it displays this user name instead. So far so good. However, _I want to set the "project.organization" property_. But when I do this in the file NetBeans simply doesn't recognize it, displaying my user name instead. When I remove "!user" from the FreeMarker reference it generates the text "Expression project.organization is undefined on line 4, column 59 in Templates/Licenses/license-apache20.txt." When I set the property in instead (silly place, but I did it for sake of analysis) I get the same behavior. Does anyone know what might be wrong or how to get NetBeans to find the "project.organization" property? Does anyone have the same behavior on his or her NetBeans?
I experience the exact same behavior in Netbeans 8.2.

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