Error message when trying to write a xlsx.-file with R

I try to save some R-dataframes into .xlsx-files using the `write.xlsx` function of the `xlsx` package like this write.xlsx(tab,file="test",sheetName="testsheet",col.names=TRUE,row.names=FALSE,append=FALSE) whereas the object `tab` is a data frame, as prooved here > class(tab) [1] "data.frame" When I run the code I get the following error message > write.xlsx(tab,file="test.xlsx",sheetName="testsheet",col.names=TRUE,row.names=FALSE,append=FALSE) Fehler in .jcall("RJavaTools", "Z", "hasField", .jcast(x, "java/lang/Object"), : RcallMethod: cannot determine object class and I have no particular idea what the problem could be. PS: I'm running R 2.14.1 in the StatET 2.0 plugin in Eclipse 3.7 on a 64bit machine.
Are you using RTerm or rj in Eclipse?

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