Would this be considered black-hat cloaking?

In my newly developed ecommerce site, where I sell tires, I have a tire-finder page. This is essentially the page where you find your product and go to the specific product page. I wanted it all to be real nice and modern with javascript form and ajax calls, but I also wanted it to be SEO friendly. So if you enter the page with JS turned of (or as a Googlebot) you will see this: ![googlebot view](https://daekskifte.dk/images/stack_1.png) This lists all tiretypes (summertires, wintertires, allyear tires etc.) on the left side and all products according to the selected type on the right side linking to the specific product page. And a normal user with JS turned on, would initally see the same, but it would quickly be replaced by this, when the DOM is ready: ![web 2.0 view](https://daekskifte.dk/images/stack_2.png) After the form is loaded, the products are loaded with ajax and are updated each time you change something in the forms. I showed it to my friend, who claims it was "bad" cloaking. He claims this was considered violating Googles guidelines for cloaking, because i showed different content to the user and google. In my opinion, it's the same content displayed in two different ways, but I really can't afford to take the chance on a hunch, and i'm very new to SEO, so basicly I really don't know. So i went online when I stumbled upon [this article](http://www.seomoz.org/blog/white-hat-cloaking-it-exists-its-permitted-its-useful) claiming there is both white cloaking (good) and black cloaking (bad). Unfortunately I still don't feel very convinced on whether it's good or bad, so... So my main question is: - Is this technique considered bad cloaking or good cloaking? Additional questions: - I have considered displaying my top 20 overall products instead of displaying all tires filtered by tiretype in the "Google"-view. Is this a better option for optimizing my popular products? - I have also considered just having all products in a long list, opinions about this?
I'm not a lawyer, but it seems to me the difference between what would be illegal or legal in this case would likely be dependent on your intent. If you're not trying to deceive your users, it is probably not illegal.

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