Why would accessing a random access file be crashing the Java platform?

Edit, resolved: Resolution: Step 1: Ensured seek methods went to the correct locations and written with the correct byte length. Fixed several seek misdirections. Step 2: Updated java and jgrasp to latest versions. Fixed java crash but began receiving major-minor mismatch error. Step 3: Went to the jgrasp control shell, opened start-up settings and selected the upgraded jre Error Resolved ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm writing a program to read and write a custom object (patient) to a random access file. At the moment though I'm just writing the individual components(two strings, 3 integers, and a double) to the file rather then the object itself. It worked fine for a bit and everything still compiles but then I started getting java.exe crash messages after I implemented the writePatientWeight. I've tried commenting out the new methods but it still crashes. import java.io.*; public class randomTest extends randomAccessMethods{ public static void main (String args[])throws IOException{ RandomAccessFile test=createNewFile("test", "rw"); writePatientID(test, 1234567891); writePatientFName(test, "Derrick"); writePatientLName(test, "Hollenbeck"); writePatientAge(test, 18); writePatientRisk(test, 10); writePatientWeight(test, 155); test.seek(0); int i=test.readInt(); System.out.println(i); test.seek(40); String fname=test.readUTF(); System.out.println(fname); test.seek(57); String lname=test.readUTF(); System.out.println(lname); test.seek(81); int age=test.readInt(); System.out.println(age); test.seek(93); int risk=test.readInt(); System.out.println(risk); test.seek(101); double weight=test.readDouble(); System.out.println(weight); } } The randomAccessMethods class: import java.io.*; public class randomAccessMethods extends CriticalPatientQueue{ public static RandomAccessFile createNewFile(String name, String readwrite) throws IOException{ if(readwrite!= "r"){//insures that there is a usable read/write variable, defaults to "rw" if there isn't if(readwrite!= "w"){ if(readwrite!= "rw"){ readwrite="rw"; } } } RandomAccessFile file=new RandomAccessFile(name+".dat", readwrite); return file; } public static void writePatientID(RandomAccessFile file, int id)throws IOException{ file.seek(0); file.writeInt(id);//writes the ID to the file, uses 40 bytes(id will always be length 10) } public static void writePatientFName(RandomAccessFile file, String fname)throws IOException{ file.seek(40); file.writeUTF(fname);//writes the name to the file, uses 17 bytes(fname will always be length 15 + 2 for overhead) for(int i=0; i

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