How to enter the text in textarea using mshtml

I am facing a problem I have to fill a TextArea programatically. I used the following code. System.Windows.Forms.HtmlElement reviewText = myDoc.GetElementById("review-text"); reviewText.InnerText = Program.mainForm.richTextBox1.Text.Trim(); This works fine and it sets the text in TextArea control. The problem that I am facing is that this text appears light gary. When the user clicks over this text it disappears. It happens only on first click. So I tried the following code to first click this box and then set the text. reviewText.InvokeMember("click"); And then tried to set the text in the TextArea but got the same behaviour. I dug into the source of the page and found some script associated with this TextArea. **Source of TextArea** **Script associated with TextArea**