How to add markers to ArcGIS map with XY coordinates

How do I add markers to a map with coordinates? I saved the extent in database along with X,Y coordinates after finding the location. When coming back to the application, I don't know how to add markers with coordinates. var s = "XMin: " + ext.xmin + " YMin: " + ext.ymin + " XMax: " + ext.xmax + " YMax: " + ext.ymax; document.getElementById('extent').value = s; function showCoordinates(evt) { //get mapPoint from event var mp = evt.mapPoint; //display mouse coordinatesLabel1 dojo.byId("Label1").innerHTML = mp.x + ", " + mp.y; } Please help me with `setExtent`! Thanks. **Updated:** I am using the ESRI map on the client side and I'm trying to refresh with `asp:button`; that's the reason why the map didn't get refreshed.

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