Why this param is being sent as Null in my Bean?

I am Using JSF 2 and EJB 3.1 to create a form. I am using this part of the page to get me some data, so I can pass it to my bean using the confirmDialog just below And this is the Bean that should get it @Named(value = "userController") @Stateful @RequestScoped @TransactionManagement(TransactionManagementType.CONTAINER) public class UserController implements Serializable { private User current; @Inject private br.com.cflex.itm.dataaccess.UserFacade userFacade; public UserController() { } public void deleteAction(User user) { userFacade.remove(user); } But My bean is only receiving null as User, and **in the Dialog I am printing the data so I can see there is a User Object selected there.** **What is wrong in passing params like that ?** **Why am I getting null in my Bean?** Because they are getting lost in the communication between client and server-side...

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