Why don't some xhdpi mobiles display image located in /res/drawable only?

This is a scenario. There are folders: - drawable - drawable-ldpi - drawable-mdpi - drawable-hdpi - draawble-xhdpi An image (usually background, but not bound to such images only) is located in `/res/drawable` only. I test the app on Galaxy S3 and the background is displayed properly. I test on HTC One X and background image is not being displayed. If I copy the image from `/res/drawable` to `/res/drawable-xhdpi`, the One X will display image. Thinking logically, this **should not be happening**, right?! If there is no image in `drawable-xhdpi`, then Android should look it into other folders until it reaches the default one `/res/drawable` and it should pull it from there. Why is this not happening on some mobiles? PS. I noticed the same issue with some tablets, but I cannot remember now which ones. PPS. I mentioned background image here, but the issue is not bound to it. It also happens with other images. I am aware that xhdpi mobiles have issues with large images and I would not like you to think that the issue was with too large background image. It also happens with other images of "normal" size.
Have you tried a drawable-nodpi folder? Doesn't help but I am curious.

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