Debugging an IE crash

I have a web application that is working perfectly in Chrome and FireFox, yet is crashing in IE. Note, this is not a JavaScript error, but rather the iexplore.exe process actually crashes. The code is posted below. This will crash in IE9 (when the button is clicked). Reversing the JavaScript or making changes to the CSS may eliminate the issue, but realize that this is reduced code from a much, much larger application that can not be easily changed in this way (for example, in the actual app the two JavaScript commands are called in two different functions - the second one is run conditionally based on the results of the first). I am not even sure what my question is anymore, other than "is there a way to get Microsoft to patch this quickly?" I am interested in hearing people's thoughts: IE Crash
Edit: I have opened a case with Microsoft and am working on this with a development team member there. I will update this as I receive more information.
Can you post the website? Is IE fully updated? What version of IE did you use?

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