ASP.NET server side tags vs. JavaScript-based UI and REST

I've been developing "traditional" ASP.NET applications with server side ASP.NET controls and code behind files, etc. Now I'm exploring several JavaScript libraries like: jQuery, YUI, Ext Js, Prototype. (also it's hard to pick one, but it's another post). All these libraries make client to server communication a lot easier, but they also offer nice set of very sleek UI controls. And some controls are way sleeker than ASP.NET server side controls in my opinion. But now I am questioning the traditional ASP.NET model. I am leaning towards all HTML/JS UI talking to the server (just a simple aspx page) via REST. What do you think? Have anyone used this approach? What are some drawbacks and gotchas? Also if you could comment on what JS Library/Framework you used and your experience with it, that would be great too. Thanks

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