Error with Pax runner

I am using Maven pax plugin to start equinox container within which my osgi bundles should be deployed.As pax runner by default starts a felix container I have explicitly given instructions to start an equinox container. This is my pax plugin configuration in POM file org.ops4j maven-pax-plugin 1.4 1.4.0 equinox --log=debug --definitionURL=file:C:\Users\661447\Desktop\Prime Workspace\OSGiDmHelloWorldProvider\platform.xml I have explicitly given the platform definition too. This is my platform.xml file Equinox 3.7.0 OSGi Services Now, when I try to install the my bundle through the command **"mvn install pax:provision"**, I am getting the following error -> Preparing framework [Equinox 3.8.1] -> loading definition from url file:C:/Users/661447/Desktop/Prime Workspace/OSG iDmHelloWorldProvider/platform.xml -> Using platform definition [org.ops4j.pax.runner.platform.internal.PlatformDe finitionImpl@a10ea2] -> Using working directory [runner] -> Downloading bundles... -> Download system package -> Downloading [ 31736/org.eclipse.osgi_3.7.0.v20110613.jar] -> Creating new file at destination: C:\Users\661447\Desktop\Prime Workspace\OS GiDmHelloWorldProvider\runner\bundles\-31806645.jar -> Equinox 3.7.0 : connecting... ___ / / / / Oops, there has been a problem! / / /__/ org.ops4j.pax.runner.platform.PlatformException: [http://mirror.netc 613.jar] could not be downloaded ___ /__/ -> Exception caught during execution: java.lang.RuntimeException: org.ops4j.pax.runner.platform.PlatformException: [ht tp:// sgi_3.7.0.v20110613.jar] could not be downloaded Could someone help me out.? Thanks in advance
I suggest asking such question at the ops4j mailinglist you probably get a better feedback there.

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