Pattern for wrapping an Asynchronous JavaScript function to make it synchronous

I'm working with a JavaScript API where most of the functions are asynchronous. The API is the [WebKit JavaScript Database API][1] which is a binding to a subset of functionality to manipulate SQLite3 databases. I understand the design decision to make things async as to not block and provide a responsive user interface. In my situation I know that my usage of the async API calls will execute fast. Since this is the case I'd like to provide my developers a cleaner and easier to use wrapper API that forces synchronous calls. Here's the async call db.executeSql(sqlStatement, function(result) { // do something with result }); And here's what I'd like to be able to do var result = dbWrapper.executeSql(sqlStatement); // do something with result Is there a design pattern/way to do this? A written or linked to code example is preferred. The target platform/broswer is Mobile Safari on the iPhone. Thank you [1]:
It'll be interesting to see if you do get an answer, because I suspect it's just not possible (at least without thread support, which Safari isn't going to give you).

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