How do you create the "share" popup in an iframe Facebook app

I currently have the following method which creates a "share url" essentially the code to insert into an onclick="" within the app. The problem is that now we can no longer have Facebook FBML applications, only iframe - is there a library I now need to include to make this work? Or should I be changing the code, I have Googled but answers are widely inconclusive or backhacks to force it to work. public function getShareUrl($title, $url, $caption, $description, $imageSrc, $shareButtonText = 'Share your thoughts!') { $url .= "var attachment = { 'name':'$title', 'href':'$url', 'caption':'$caption', 'description':'".$description."', 'media':[{ 'type':'image', 'src':'$imageSrc', 'href':'$url' }] }; var actionLinks = [{ 'text':'Join the app now', 'href':'$url' }]; Facebook.streamPublish('', attachment, actionLinks, null, '$shareButtonText'); return false;"; return $url; } Thanks all! :)

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