addAll to Set is not adding the values in java

I have a property in an Object(Obj1) Set serviceList; public Set getServiceList(); I am doing the below operation in certain instances Obj1.getServiceList().clear(); Obj1.getServiceList().addAll(services); where Services is also Set But what I see as an end result is services set is having 4 objects/data elements but Obj1.getServiceList() is returning an empty set after addAll What's the issue here. is it a problem with AssignedService object since it doesn't implements IComparable
Yes it would be good the implement Comparable (and nice to have correct methods for equals and hashCode). You can check services.size(). Should be 0. Otherwise I would have expected at least one element. Maybe you ignore Exceptions somewhere in an empty catch. You did not initialize with Collections.emptySet() which is read-only?

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