LibGDX - Does modifying a Group affects children?

I wonder if there is a way to affect `Actors` children when their parent `Group` is modified ? Like they were *attached* to him. By modifying I mean doing some conventional actions like translation, rotation, scale ... I know this is possible for the parent alpha to affect children's alpha via the `draw()` method, but what about the other attributes ? For example if I add a `TranslationAction` to my `Group` I want it to also affect children. So did I miss something like this in the **Scene2d** API or do I really have to code it by my own (not hard, but just want to avoid if possible) ? If it's not possible with the actual API then what is the purpose of using a `Group` ?
I guess you need to override the addAction method for your example. As far as i know there isnt a feature to add an action to all of your group. Maybe this is a good mention to add to the system?!

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