Concurrent code analyzer

I was wondering if there is any framework or application(app)/program out there that can analyze the concurrency of any java code? If the tool knows all the implementations of the jre shipped classes and methods then it comes down to a simple analyzing of synchronized blocks and method and their call hierarchies. From here it can create a petri net and tell you for sure if you could ever experience a deadlock. Am I missing out on something or is this really so easy? Then there must be some cool tool doing that kind of stuff? Or would such a tool report too many possible deadlocks that are completely save because of some underlying program/business logic? Petri nets should be powerful enough to handle these situations? This would save so many man hours of searching for bugs that might or might not be related to dead locking issues.
I believe that it's possible to send any synchronized code at all into an infinite loop using a correctly timed Thread.stop.

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