Triggering a postback from Javascript fails

I am trying to trigger a postback if a certain condition is true. Initially, a user will click on a button on my form, the server does some work, and in the process of doing that work it assigns a hidden field the value of '1'. When the page reloads after that very first postback, I am trying to use javascript to check the hidden field, and if it is '1' I need the page to postback again so the server side can do some additional processing. The reason for doing it this roundabout way is so that I can create controls on the form from my C# code behind as well as download a file in 1 user interaction. Here is what I have so far: The alert that says the flag has been set correctly fires, but the __doPostBack does not. In my ASPX file, here is the relevant part:

I can tell the postback never fires, because I have breakpoints in the Page_Load C# codebehind that never get tripped. I have break points on almost every single line of this: if (!Page.IsPostBack) { // Page is not a postback, this is the first visit here string foo = HiddenHW.Value; } else { // Page is a postback and not initial load string foo = HiddenHW.Value; } Why is my __doPostBak after the alert not firing, and is there a better way to do this? The end result I want is if my hidden field is '1', then I want my 2nd trip to the server to 1) actually happen and 2) know that the hidden field is '1' and not its default '0'. Thanks!

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