Convert ArrayList to Array throws java.lang.ArrayStoreException

i have a method `convertToArray()` which converts an `ArrayList` to an array. I want to call this method every time an element is added to the `ArrayList`. public class Table extends ArrayList { public String appArray[]; //Array of single applicant details public String tableArray[][]; //Array of every applicant /** * Constructor for objects of class Table */ public Table() { } public void addApplicant(Row app) { add(app); convertToArray(); } public void convertToArray() { int x = size(); appArray=toArray(new String[x]); } } When i call the `addApplication(Row app)` method I get the error: `java.lang.ArrayStoreException` So I changed my `addApplicant()` method to: public void addApplicant(Row app) { add(app); if (size() != 0) convertToArray(); } I get the same error message. Any ideas why? I figured if it checks the `ArrayList` has elements before converting it the error should not be thrown? I can provide the full error if needed
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