PhoneGap: media.startRecord() not working in cordova-1.6.1

I'm trying to record a sample audio with phoneGap, but with no success. What I do is pretty simple, according to the documentation: The "audio.wav" exists in my "www" folder and is an empty wav file. Whenever this code block runs, I get this console error: - ERROR: Method 'create:withDict:' not defined in Plugin 'Media' - FAILED pluginJSON = {"className":"Media","methodName":"create","arguments":["INVALID","952d1fe0-5ec7-5e48-d68a-74cc979878b5","audio.wav"]} Even with that error, the recording supposedly continues. But when I try to play the recording, I watch the media object at the debugger and I see '_duration : -1' A different error appears when I try to debug the application on an actuall iPhone device.

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