Updating JTable row dynamically after the deletion successive rows

I have a JTable and I am inserting rows to that JTable dynamically. After some user intervention, a new row will be inserted .Then I will call a function with parameter as selected row number and inside that function, I have some code which will update the same row accordingly. Each row insertion and row value update code will run in a separate thread. public void updateRow(int row,JTable myTable) { String text = ""; //After lot of processing, setting the table cell value at the 'row' on the 4th column myTable.setValueAt(text, row, 4); } The issue I am facing is as follows, If the user deleting any row, then row's position will change and at that time if the function `updateRow()` trying to update some other row, then it will fail because of change of row count. Lets say I have 3 row at a time and each row's updateRow is in progress. updateRow(0,userTable);//For the 1st row updateRow(1,userTable);//For the 2nd row updateRow(2,userTable);//For the 3rd row and assume 2nd row's updateRow() is completed. This will cause issue in updateRow() function of 3rd row. Because, it has the row value as '2' . Since the 3rd row got deleted, there is no 3rd row and which in turn cause the following code to fail myTable.setValueAt(text, row, 4);//Currently, row has the value as '2' Can anyone suggest me how can I keep track of the row update with row values accordingly, even if the row's position got changed dynamically ? Thanks in advance.
"Each row insertion and row value update code will run in a separate thread" - That is an incredibly bad idea. Swing is not thread safe and you are expected to update the UI only from the context of the Event Dispatching Thread

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