"Integration" between Rails' ActiveRecord and Java's Hibernate

Hi everybody: let me do a bit of "concept mining" here: I am involved in mantaining/extending an application whose functionality is distributed across several servers. For example, we have a machine running the ApplicationServer, another running the DataServer and so on. This application has a Web Interface. The current UI is totally implemented in Java, and in a way that makes adding new functionality hard. One of my goals is extending this interface, and we're considering shifting the whole thing to another platform, like Rails, for example. **Problem being, the database that is manipulated by the UI (possibly Rails in the future) is also manipulated by ApplicationServer (Java).** So, my main question is: both Rails and Java can access databases through their own ORM (ActiveRecord for Rails and Hibernate or similar for Java). **Is there any way to guarantee that the mappings are consistent?*** Even if the answer is a hard "no", I'd also like to hear your thoughts on how you'd approach this scenario. I hope the question is clear enough, but warn me if it isn't and I'll edit accordingly. =D ***Edit:** per request, I'm extending this explanation: what I mean is, how to make sure things don't break when someone needs to add a new field to the database and edits the Hibernate mapping because of it? I know that Rails "guesses" the entity attributes pretty much by itself (making things easier), but I was wondering if there was some "magical way" to "connect" the ActiveRecord directly to the Hibernate mapping.
What do you mean by "guaranteeing mapping consistency"?

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