Difference between .jar and .dll file

I am learning Java these days and I've spent a lot of time with .NET so when I want to export or import libraries, they are usually be in .dll format which is called assembly in .Net environment and they are compiled to IL and they can have resources like images, xml, audio and son on, any ways. I am wondering same process in Java as well. I've read documents but they actually confused me little bit and to clarify things out I need your help guys. **Questions:** 1. .NET Assembly is same thing as java .jar? 2. .dll contains compiled IL code and .jar contains complied .class/byte code files? 3. They say resources, what kind of resources we are talking about here? Images, .txt files, etc. or all of them possible? 4. I've examined AWS (Amazon Web Service API for java) and I saw three .jar file and they are 1. aws-java-sdk-1.1.1.jar 2. aws-java-sdk-1.1.1-javadoc.jar 3. aws-java-sdk-1.1.1-sources.jar and they contain .class files - java documentation in html format and .java files which are still not compiled. So then I've realized .jar doesn't just include compiled byte codes (.class) and also other things. 5. When I want to import java libraries, will I always need to import .jar files? 6. When I want to export my own java libraries, should I need to export in .jar file. Thanks for help in advance.
I myself have been wondering this, wish I could give more upvotes!!!

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