How to get a file from ressource

I know it seems like my question has been answered before, but I can't find an answer for my case. What I am trying to do, is to get a File type from resource, so when it's packaged, it can be accessed. The answers I found were trying to read that file, but what I really need, is to construct a File object, because I have a third party library that is expecting that object. Here is a the code I tried: String xslFilePath = new Test().getClass().getResource("/com/test/decision_template.xsl").getPath(); System.out.println(xslFilePath); File xsltfile = new File(xslFilePath); System.out.println(xsltfile.getAbsolutePath()+", exist:"+xsltfile.exists()); I got this result: C:\>java -jar test.jar file:/C:/test.jar!/com/test/decision_template.xsl C:\\file:\C:\test.jar!\com\test\decision_template.xsl, exist:false file:\C:\test.jar!\com\test\decision_template.xsl (Syntaxe du nom de fichier, de rÚpertoire ou de volume incorrecte) at Method) at at com.test.Test.main( I need a way to get that file so the .exists() return true.
This question already has many answers for you:…. The most reasonable thing to do would be to not require a file, but just an InputStream in general.

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