Include data from an external site, at runtime in php

I am working on a personal project in PHP where I need to fetch and include data in runtime, or after the page has loaded whichever is easy, and have it inserted in the page markup, as if it was there native. A simple real life example would be, the Facebook like box, It fetches "data about likes" in realtime, and shows it up on the third party site. Another example would be voltrank, seo system, where they ask you to just insert a piece of code in the page being rendered in php, and they fill the space you provide with the links from their database. and it gives a feel like the links were there in the first place, and not inserted externally. And yeah both the sites(the data source + the data destination) are gonna be mine, so no restrictions about content/scraping/or any code implementation whatsoever. And I don't want it to be iframe based solution, cause I want to pass a value to the source site/url, and want it to return output based on that value. Furthermore, I am not even asking for the whole solution here itself, All I want is some great prodigy in web programming specially in PHP, guide me in the right direction, cause I cant even figure out what exactly is this process/thing called, which makes it more difficult for me to research on. Regards (Plz don't backlash me if this question is too naive) PS: Offcourse The site where I wish to pull the content from has a database system. And My preference is more inclined towards making it a public system in 'future', where I am to give my clients a specific code snippet(more like facebook does), and then by placing that code on their site, they are able to get their respective data, from my app.

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