jQuery Birthday Picker dealing with form refresh

I'm using an excellent jquery plugin for Birthday Date picking for my web form. Demo here: http://abecoffman.com/stuff/birthdaypicker/ The problem I'm dealing with is on a form validation. My form validation redirect back to the same page and I'll lose the date that was picked. Is there any way to add an option to the javascript of the date picker: http://abecoffman.com/stuff/birthdaypicker/bday-picker.js so that I can set a "default selected date". The config can work to something like: $("#picker1").birthdaypicker({ chosenDay: 1;" chosenMonth: 28;" chosenYear: 2011;" }); This will set the "selected" date to January 28, 2011.
That plugin does not appear to support a selected date at initialization time. Perhaps you could modify it.

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