Ajax call is breaking Jquery toggle function

I have a basic toggle function, when item is clicked initially it sends an ajax post, and when clicked the second time it sends a second different ajax post. the issue is once it makes the ajax call, the second toggle function no longer fires. When I removed the ajax functions from the toggle and replaced them with a basic show/hide div, it worked just fine first and second click. Below is my code: You will notice I have a basic show/hide function for the first click, for testing purposes. Using this code the first click works, second click works and make the ajax call, but any clicks after dont do anything. //Sort by Instrument ACS or DESC $("th#seeking").toggle(function() { // first click update sorting order $("a.add_listing").hide(200); $("a.add_listing").show(200); }, function() { // On second Click toggle opposite sorting order $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "ajax_calls.php", data: "order=instrument_asc&sort_item=true", success: function(r){$("#listings").html(r);}, error: function(){alert(2);$("#error").text("Could not retrieve posts").fadeIn(300).delay(900).fadeOut(300)} }) }); Any help on this would be very much appreciated. Many thanks
Do you get an error on the console?

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