Ajax loaded data doesn't update layout

I load data using ajax and populate my page using Knockout. This all works great, when I changes pages to `#contacts` it looks good. However, I have a problem when the #contacts page is the initial page i load. E.g. if I load `www.mydomain.com/#contacts`, the initial page loaded is the list page, thus the `ko.bindinghandlers.listview` doesn't have any affect. I tried re-creating the page, but that doesn't fully work either, not all the styles are applied as it should. My list view is not just a list view, it contains a controllgroup as well, to make a list view with checkboxes. $("#contacts").page('destroy').page(); $('#contacts').bind('pageinit', function() { $('ul').listview(); }); How can I load data using Ajax, append it (using ko) to my `ul` and have it render correctly. This is how it looks if `#contacts` is NOT the initial page loaded: ![Correct][1] This is the best result I manage to get this far, when `#contacts` IS the initial page loaded: ![Incorrect][2] [1]: http://i.stack.imgur.com/JDYv4.png [2]: http://i.stack.imgur.com/VJCvJ.png
I’m just guessing, but maybe bind the handler before calling .page()?

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