Sample web application in java with security constraints in web.xml

I am looking for sample web application in JAVA which has security-constraints in its web.xml file to handle authentication and authorization. Basically I want to see how web security is implemented with security constraints. I goggled about it and mostly could find example of web.xml file which shows how can one provide web security with security constraints. but I would like to have may be small but complete web application in java which exhibits this concept. Could someone please suggest some source for this ? I am new to web application development and web security both. Pl note that I don't want to give any security to existing web application I need some sample application in java which has some authentication-authorization mechanism. I need it to do some experiments as part of my study. Thanks.
are you looking for a way to have user management system, i.e. add/remove/edit user into your system? that's not possible with security constraints.

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