how to negate any regular expression in Java

I have a regular expression which I want to negate, e.g. /(.{0,4}) which String.matches returns the following "/1234" true "/12" true "/" true "" false "1234" false "/12345" false Is there a way to negate (using regx only) to the above so that the results are: "/1234" false "/12" false "/" false "" true "1234" true "/12345" true I'm looking for a general solution that would work for any regx without re-writing the whole regex. I have looked at the following using (?! pattern), but that doesn't seem to work for me. The following regx (?!/(.{0,4})) returns the following: "/1234" false "/12" false "/" false "" true "1234" false "/12345" false which is not what I want. Any help would be appreciated.
Couldn't you just match and negate whether or not it matched? That's the general-purpose solution for any regex w/o rewriting the regex.

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