Read test data from Mercury Quality center 9 via java

We use **Mercury Quality Center 9** for storage tests and test results. I need to read test data from **Test Plan** and to write test result into **Test Lab** via **java**. I tried to find about this in google but I have not found anything. **UPDATE:** I tried to use qctools4j for working with MQC 9 with the following code: public void connect() { try{ IQcConnection conn = QcConnectionFactory.createConnection("http://qc/qcbin"); conn.connect("login", "password", "DEFAULT","project"); TestClient tc = conn.getTestClient(); System.out.println("Connection success!!!"); } catch (QcException e) { System.out.println(e.getMessage()); e.printStackTrace(); } } I got the following exception message: *org.qctools4j.exception.QcException: Can't co-create object at org.qctools4j.clients.QcConnectionImpl.initConnection(Unknown Source) at org.qctools4j.clients.QcConnectionImpl.(Unknown Source) at org.qctools4j.QcConnectionFactory.createConnection(Unknown Source) at automation_framework1.automation_framework1.QCWorker.connect1( at automation_framework1.automation_framework1.Main.main( Caused by: Can't co-create object at Method) at at com.jacob.activeX.ActiveXComponent.( at org.qctools4j.clients.QcConnectionImpl.initConnection(Unknown Source)* What am I doing wrong?
regarding the exception you get, take a look on this:…

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