Spring @Autowired usage

What are the pros and cons of using **@Autowired** in a class that will be wired up by Spring? Just to clarify, I'm talking specifically about the **@Autowired** annotation, not auto-wiring in XML. I probably just don't understand it, but to me it almost seems like an anti-pattern - your classes start to become aware that they are tied to a DI framework, rather than just being POJOs. Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, but I like having the external XML config for beans, and I like to have explicit wirings, so I know exactly what is wired where.
I'm interested in this subject too - configuring your MVC app via annotations instead of XML seems like it would lead to a lot of searching of "which class is mapped to this URL?" "who is handling this?". I like to have a single configuration source

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