Unexpected closure behavior

I plan to do "extension points" in a framework im building and i'm finding a way how i can provide the "core" to an extension so it can add functionality but not exposing the core object that it can be arbitrarily manipulated (i know providing an interface is the better idea) but sill, while i was testing (as well as learning), i wondered why this happens: (function() { var core = {'bar': 'foo'} function getCore() {return core;} window.kit = { core: core, getCore: getCore } }()); //initial check console.log(kit.core) console.log(kit.getCore()); //change the bar kit.core.bar = 'baz'; //we will both see 'baz' console.log(kit.core) console.log(kit.getCore()); //null the core kit.core = null; //this time... console.log(kit.core) //core is null on this one console.log(kit.getCore()); //why is the core still there on this one?​​​​​​​​​​​​

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