Understanding xyplot in R

I'm an R newbie and I'm trying to understand the xyplot function in lattice. I have a dataframe: df <- data.frame(Mean=as.vector(abc), Cycle=seq_len(nrow(abc)), Sample=rep(colnames(abc), each=nrow(abc))) and I can plot it using xyplot(Mean ~ Cycle, group=Sample, df, type="b", pch=20, auto.key=list(lines=TRUE, points=FALSE, columns=2), file="abc-quality") My question is, what are Mean and Cycle? Looking at ?xyplot I can see that this is some kind of function and I understand they are coming from the data frame df, but I can't see them with `ls()` and `>Mean` gives `Error: object 'Mean' not found`. I tried to replicate the plot by substituting df[1] and df[2] for Mean and Cycle respectively thinking that these would be equal but that doesn't seem to be the case. Could someone explain what data types these are (objects, variables, etc) and if there is a generic way to access them (like df[1] and df[2])? Thanks! EDIT: xyplot works fine, I'm just trying to understand what Mean and Cycle are in terms of how they relate to df (column labels?) and if there is a way to put them in the xyplot function without referencing them by name, like df[1] instead of Mean.

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