What kinds of objects is this Javascript creating?

I am scrambling to fix a production error and am **not** a JS developer. Before my analysis can go any further I need to be absolutely confident that I am making some correct assumptions about the following line of code: var iVO = { "images":{} }; var thisImage = $(this).data("data"); iVO["images"][thisImage.fileKey] = thisImage; iVO["images"][thisImage.imageType] = imageType; iVO["images"][thisImage.uploadReason] = uploadReason; Here are my assumptions. If any are correct or misguided, please correct me: * `iVO` is an array of JSON objects * Each of these JSON objects is then given 3 properties (`fileKey`, `imageType` and `uploadReason`) The thing that I don't get is the significance of the `"images"` index, What is the value/meaning of `iVO["images"]`? What does information/objects this first/outer array represent?

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