Alternative to Jeditable for editable table cells

I have been trying to use Jeditable to make my html table editable. However upon much research I found that it is very difficult (if not impossible without a backend) to validate the input. I really would prefer NOT to use any sort of plugin and simply write/use a bit of Javascript that would make cells editable and allow me to attach jQuery Validator to the input. The data will never get submitted to a backend (will return to default on page refresh) so the solution doesn't need to be complex...will only be using html and Javascript. The problem with most code snippets I have found using Google is that they seem to get stuck when you click inside a cell and clicking outside the cell doesn't save/submit the change. Does anyone have a snippet they have used successfully and/or experience using a snippet with Validator?
if you want everything to be editable but not saved, why don't you use inputs inside the cells.. ?

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