Capture data read from file into string stream Java

I'm coming from a C++ background, so be kind on my n00bish queries... I'd like to read data from an input file and store it in a stringstream. I can accomplish this in an easy way in C++ using stringstreams. I'm a bit lost trying to do the same in Java. Following is a crude code/way I've developed where I'm storing the data read line-by-line in a string array. I need to use a string stream to capture my data into (rather than use a string array).. Any help? char dataCharArray[] = new char[2]; int marker=0; String inputLine; String temp_to_write_data[] = new String[100]; // Now, read from output_x into stringstream FileInputStream fstream = new FileInputStream("output_" + dataCharArray[0]); // Convert our input stream to a BufferedReader BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(fstream)); // Continue to read lines while there are still some left to read while ((inputLine = in.readLine()) != null ) { // Print file line to screen // System.out.println (inputLine); temp_to_write_data[marker] = inputLine; marker++; } **EDIT:** I think what I really wanted was a StringBuffer. I need to read data from a file (into a StringBuffer, probably) and write/transfer all the data back to another file.
What exactly is a string stream? Any reason you can't just read characters from the Reader?

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