Javascript....driving me crazy....doesn't make sense I have this: function checkFields() { var isEmpty = true; var fname = trim(document.getElementById("fname").value); var lname = trim(document.getElementById("lname").value); var ruid = trim(document.getElementById("ruid").value); if(fname != "" && lname != "" && ruid != "") { isEmpty = false; radioStatus(isEmpty); } } and if I fill out all 3 text fields, it makes "isEmpty" false like it should (and when I first load the page, it fails and the "isEmpty" stays true like stated .... but if I fill out all 3, and then erase one or two...then the fname = "" and lname = "" and ruid = ""....but it will fail this test and not make "isEmpty" true like it should..... even in debugging mode I am seeing that the variables are "" but its failing.. shouldn't this be that if any of these variables are NOT "" (thus have values in them) then it will fail since I used AND... right???? arg!!! help please ..

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