REST request to JAVA Servlet

I have some JavaScript which I want to perform a REST Request (GET) to my servlet. The format of the record I want to send is in the following format ... /id1/vara/varb/varc/timedelta1,timedelta2,timedelta3,....,timedeltaN/ So basically there would be 5 attributes in each record I send. I need to batch these up - I'm sending multiple records in a single GET Request. My Get URL might look a little like the following. myservletname/id1/vara/varb/varc/timedelta1,timedelta2,timedelta3/id2/vara/varb/varc/timedelta1,timedelta2,timedelta3/id3/vara/varb/varc/timedelta1,timedelta2,timedelta3/ I'm aware on the limit of around 2000 chars in the URL String so to keep things safe I'll ensure the length of the URL is less than this. In the above example 3 records were sent to the servlet. I'm wondering how I might process these on the server end. Havent really worked with REST before in Java. What do I need to do on the server end to process these URLs to extract the data ? Thanks

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