Generics: Creating parameterized class argument

How does one get a parameterized Class object to be used as a method argument? class A { public A(Class c) { } void main() { A a1 = new A(String.class); // OK A> a2 = new A>(List.class); // error A> a3 = new A>(Class>); // error } } Why do I want to do that, you may ask? I have a parameterized class whose type is another parameterized class, and whose constructor requires that other class type as an argument. I understand that runtime classes have no information on their type parameters, but that shouldn't prevent me from doing this at compile time. It seems that I should be able to specify a type such as `List.class`. Is there another syntax to do this? Here is my real usage case: public class Bunch { Class type; public Bunch(Class type) { this.type = type; } public static class MyBunch extends Bunch> { Class individualType; // This constructor has redundant information. public MyBunch(Class individualType, Class> listType) { super(listType); this.individualType = individualType; } // I would prefer this constructor. public MyBunch(Class individualType) { super( /* What do I put here? */ ); this.individualType = individualType; } } } Is this possible?

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