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I have some jQuery that sets an image as a radio button for a star rating system. I wish to include a function that when the user cicks a radio button the image changes to checked and the previous radios are also change to checked. I have managed to change the class of the checked button and I have some code that would change the class on the previous buttons also, but on a simpler div structure. I have been able to combine the both. The code to change the class for the radio button $(function() { $('input:radio').each(function() { $(this).hide(); $('
').insertAfter(this); }); $('.radio-fx').live('click',function(e) { e.preventDefault(); $check = $(this).prev('input'); var unique = '.'+this.className.split(' ')[1]+' div'; $(unique).attr('class', 'radio'); $(this).find('div').attr('class', 'radio-checked'); $check.attr('checked', true); }); }); **html:** Code that I tried to integrate to set previous ones to checked on hover: $('.radio-fx').hover( // Handles the mouseover function() { $(this).prevAll().andSelf().addClass('radio-checked'); $(this).nextAll().removeClass('radio'); }, // Handles the mouseout function() { $(this).prevAll().andSelf().removeClass('radio'); } ); Thanks for any help.

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