How can i combat with java update on mac snow leopard

I am using preinstalled jdk for development on mac which is 1.6.0_17. With this version or copy if installed jdk i cannot run java applets in firefox or any other web browser on mac. if i update my mac with latest java which is [Java for mac OS X 10.6 update 6][1] then i can solve java applet. But with latest java update i cannot connect to MSSQL Server which is [bug in java 1.6.0_29][2]. I would be happy to install older version of java for mac OS X but those are not available, may be i am unable to find them through google ? My query is, how can i solve both problems ? can i install two java versions on mac and use them parallely, lets say one for eclipse and other for browser. OR is there any other way to cope both problems. I am using current snow leopard, myEclipse, Java 1.6.0_17 and mssql server 2008. [1]: [2]:

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