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I have a page tab application and i want it to Request for Permission (to use user's email) the first time a user visits the tab. I thought this should be simple enough, but i've been lost in hundrends q&a's, tutorials, php/js apis, old and new methods/functions/techniques. I 'm not even sure which is the right way to suit my needs. What my app is doing is as simple: if (user_has_liked_page()) include ("fan.php"); else include ("guest.php"); What i'm trying to do is have this fb "popup" that requests for permission - preferably only for users that like the page. I kindly ask you not to just reply with all the urls of the facebook docs/api, I've tried many of them. If possible i'd like to know which of all these techniques is the right one for the situation. Examples are welcomed too. Thanks in advance.
What I would question is how you will track what users have/haven't seen the popup. Unless they do grant access to their email and you can get their user_id, do you plan to store a cookie on their machine for subsequent visits? Otherwise everytime someone who hasn't granted access will see the popup. I think what you want can be accomplished though. Would you prefer to use a php solution or JS?

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