Can I create a DOM Document from an encoded UTF-8 byte array?

My situation: I have a method that accepts a byte array. The array in question is encoded using UTF-8 and was originally an XML message. I would like to be able to re-construct this message using a DOM parser. I know I can create a Document from a byte array through the use of a `ByteBuffer`. The only problem is that if I put this directly into action on the passed byte array, it will create a corrupted Document (if possible at all). That is because the array is an encoded XML message, encoded in UTF-8. However, when I decode the array by the use of the decode() method, I get a CharBuffer returned: ByteBuffer encodedData = ByteBuffer.wrap(data); CharBuffer decodedData = Charset.forName("UTF-8").decode(encodedData); I don't know how to construct a Document from this, as there are no parse() methods defined in the DocumentBuilder that will accept a CharBuffer.... Could anyone help me with this?

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