newton.method issues

Is this method broken in R? I am using it to find roots of the following function: f(x) = 2.5*exp(-0.5*(2*0.045 - x)) + 2.5*exp(-0.045) + 2.5*exp(-1.5*x) - 100 It is giving an answer of -38.4762403 which is not even close (f(x) = 2.903809e+25 for x=-38.4762403). The answer should be around 0.01-0.1. This function should converge.. Even for a simple function like f(x) = exp(-x) * x, it gives answer as 8.89210984 for which f(x) = 0.001222392 and I set tolerance to 10^-12.. Also, is there a non graphical version of newton method? I looked at nleqslv but have no idea how to use it.. Thanks for your help.

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