Tomcat memory and virtual hosts

I have a VPS on which I serve Tomcat 6.0. 500mb memory was enough, when I had only two applications. Last week I deployed another web application and formed a new virtual host editing Tomcat server.xml. But the server responses slow down, linux started to eat the swap. When I increased the memory 750 mb it become stable again. But memory is not so cheap so I won't be happy to pay 250 mb RAM for each additional application. Is "250 mb additional memory need" for each web app normal? Is there any solution to decrease this cost? For example, does "to put common libraries of these applications to shared folder of Tomcat" have positive impact on Tomcat memory and performance? Note: Deployed applications are web applications that use Spring, hibernate, sitemesh and related libraries, war file size totals up to 30 mb. Thanks.

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