Removing :notice and
in Rails 3.1 app on page refresh

This might be an easy one for you guys, but I'm not sure the best way to achieve it. Is there some type of `.erb` I can write that asks "If `:notice` is present, then render..."? *Here's more about the issue:* My controller specifies a `:notice` for both the `create` and `update` actions (pretty standard). When I load the pages, the notices do as I'd expect and show up. When I reload the page however, (not sure why someone would do this, but I did), the `:notice` goes away (great, that's what I want), but the containing `
` remains. How do I go about ensuring that the encapsulating `
` is removed along with the `:notice`? I'm not sure what conditionals to specify in my view or maybe controller. The view looks something like this (btw, I'm using Twitter Bootstrap JS alerts). **View**

<%= notice %>

My **controller** is a single scaffolded model/resource with basic structure

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