Setting up java configurations in eclipse. multiple .param files

I'm going to be using [ECJ][1] for doing genetic programming and I haven't touched java in years. I'm working on setting up the eclipse environment and I'm catching a few snags. The ECJ source has several packages, and several sample programs come along with it. I ran one sample program (called tutorial1) by going to the run configurations and adding `-file pathToParamsFile` to the program arguments. This made it point to the params file of that tutorial and run that sample. In a new example I am testing (from the package gui) there are TWO params files. I tried pointing to just one param file and a program ran in the console, but there was supposed to be a GUI which did not load. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be greaaatly appreciated. [1]:
can you post a snippet of that param file? also, which is the working directory in you run configuration?

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