Spring mail support - no subject

I have updated my libraries, and now e-mails are sent without subject. I don't know where this happened... Mail API is 1.4.3., Spring 2.5.6. and Spring Integration Mail 1.0.3.RELEASE. ${mail.admin.cc1} And properties mail.host,mail.username,mail.password,mail.admin.from,mail.admin.to, mail.admin.cc1. Java class: /** The sender. */ private MailSender sender; /** The mail. */ private SimpleMailMessage mail; public void sendMail() { this.mail.setSubject("Subject"); this.mail.setText("msg body"); try { getSender().send(this.mail); } catch (MailException e) { log.error("Error sending mail!",e); } } public SimpleMailMessage getMail() { return this.mail; } public void setMail(SimpleMailMessage mail) { this.mail = mail; } public MailSender getSender() { return this.sender; } public void setSender(MailSender mailSender1) { this.sender = mailSender1; } Everything worked before, I am wondering if there may be any conflicts with new libraries.
Did you find the problem? I'm facing it as well, so I would love it if you could follow up with the answer :).

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